The Digital Den

So what’s here in the Den?

Sims 2 Content and Minecraft Dabblings

For Sims2 : My Works in Progress [WiP] will be posted here, and eventually downloadable content.

For Minecraft : From time to time, I need to play a 16 bit game (as my husband calls it) but I actually use a hybred pack of x64 and  x128 textures. I have found some really nice work done by other gifted artists, but there always seems to be ‘something’ in those packs I simply do not like, or completely lacking. So, my current fascination is creating my own resource pack. I am not an artist and most of what I have has been ‘modified’ from other packs to suit my own needs. Posts pertaining to this ongoing project will be pretty much be eye candy.  (although I do really like ChromaHills.)

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Feel free to comment; but please be helpful in your criticisms.
Thank you.